Among the Bonobo, which look like chimps to the untrained eye but are smaller and long-haired (!), you throw in a bunch of bananas and this happens:
The females converge around the bananas and for a minute there's some tension as to who gets what. But they all rub each other off and make out, having ACTUAL ORGASMS (not special to humans or Subs!), then they SHARE the bananas amongst themselves. The males hang around politely in the background until the ladies are done and then go in for the remnants of the bananas. The guys who fuck real good get more than the insenitive guys.
Nobody fights, but everybody fucks like crazy. Dad fucks Cousin Ooga, Mom fucks neighbor-bonobo Cheetah, Junior fucks Sis and everybody's happy. Among chimpanzees, as among humans, it's dog eat dog and let the meanest, least caring son of a bitch win. Among Bonobos, everybody gets a fair shake, but the ones with the most passion and horniness do somewhat better than the lazy assholes who won't eat pussy or whatever.


Their sex is war.

Our war, on the other hand is sex

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